With nine beautifully handcrafted cottages Mike’s beach resort in Ushongo / Pangani is a unique jewel at the northern coast of Tanzania. Different to Zanzibar, Ushongo is a quiet place to relax and forget your stressful life at home. In case you get bored from relaxing and enjoying the beautiful view, have a swim in the warm water of the Indian Ocean, book a snorkeling trip to the Maziwi Marine Reserve or book our Sea Wolf for an exciting deep sea fishing trip to catch a Black Marlin with Mike’s Beach Cottages in Pangani.


Mike knows the best fishing spots in the Zanzibar Street. I love Magic Corner.

Alain Schäfer

Mike is a great host who warmly welcomed us in his paradise after a long safari trip in Saadani and Mkomazi. The rooms were super clean, the food was fantastic and the staff very helpful and kind in any situation. Mike himself took us on an unforgettable boat/ fishing trip.

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Philipp H.

The location was very beautiful, direct in front of the beach (which is calm with not many tourists). Also we could do various acitivities like kayaking, swimming, beach tennis and Mike can arrange snorkelling trips as well! The food was always tasty. All the staff were very friendly and helpful.

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Nynke T.

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