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A major highlight of any trip to Ushongo Beach is an excursion to Maziwe Island. Nowadays Maziwe is a protected marine reserve located about six miles out of Ushongo Beach. It is home for over 350 fish species, 35 genera of coral and exceptional birdlife. An ideal place for swimming, snorkeling, diving and sunbathing.

We will take you by boat to this small sandbar which is only accessible during low tide. This is one of the most beautiful islands off Tanzania. White sand spills across the top of a large coral reef that sits amidst a myriad of blues. Guests can catch a ride out to the island to spend the day snorkeling, lounging, and have a picnic on the remote sandbank. Most of the time you will be lucky and have the place entirely to yourselves, something you won’t find in places like the beaches of Zanzibar.

Beach Lunch at the Sandbank
diving maziwe island source:Dorobofund
Anchor Maziwe Island

Diving at Maziwe Island

Maziwe Island is a perfect spot for scuba diving. If you are interested to do scuba diving we can organize this with our Partners from Kasa Diver. More Details can be found on Watersports in Ushongo Beach.

The day-trip to Maziwe Island will be done with one of our Boats from Fishing with Mike. Most of the time Mike will be your Captain, he knows the reefs before Ushongi like his own pocket and can ensure the best experience. You can combine this day-trip with some fishing on the trip to Maziwe Marine Reserve. Please contact Mike’s Beach Cottage Reception to organize any of our activities in Ushongo, Pangani for you.