How to get there

Below you find information and the directions on how to get to Mike’s Beach Cottages in Ushongo Beach, Pangani:

By Car – Directions


  1. Follow the main road through Moshi, take a right turn at Himo in the direction of Dar Es Salaam, and then proceed to Segera. Here at the junction to Dar Es Salaam, continue straight on to Tanga for 35kms until the town of Muheza.
  2. Turn right at the first fuel station on the right hand side, which takes you on a dirt road for 42kms to the Tanga/Pangani junction.
  3. Turn right toward Pangani and to the ferry. The ferry crossing operates daily from 0600 – 2200hrs.
  4. After the ferry crossing, turn left and go up the hill. Stay on main road for 12km until you see sign on left side at the end of the sisal field. Continue for 3.5km and follow signs to Mike’s Beach Cottages.


Follow the main road to Chalinzi and at the Morogoro/Segera junction turn right to Segera. At Segera, turn right and follow the Arusha instructions above (1)

By Airplane

There are available flights into our KwaJoni airstrip with these companies. Typically they ask for a booking of minimum two persons to land at KwaJoni airstrip.

Transfers from airstrip are free of charge if you stay at Mike’s Beach Cottages.

Unique experience approaching KwaJoni airstrip.