The pleasant atmosphere of Pangani makes the walk to the historical places of interest in Pangani at any time of the day a great excursion. However we recommend the morning, when temperatures are not yet too high and to combine this tour with the River Cruise in the afternoon.

In Pangani, town elders, serve as experienced guides who can share their vast stories of Pangani history and culture as they lead you through Pangani town. The tour starts in the west of the Town from the British Overseas Management Administration (BOMA).

BOMA in Pagnani, the oldest building in town.
BOMA Pangani

It was constructed in 1810, by Arabs which buried live humans at each pillar in the belief that a strong foundation would be formed. The building was later used by the German administration as a Colonial District office and they have added a European style roof giving the building a unique appearance. The intricate carved doors and foundation remain strong and the building is now used as the District Commissioner’s Office.

The guided walk will lead to numerous historical monuments in Pangani. It includes visits to the original buildings where slaves were held and the slave market where Arabs traded slaves to Zanzibar, India, and Arabia. The slave market is now called freedom ground. Other places you will visit are Islamic and German graves, ancient mosques and traditional houses. They all will give you a great grasp into the 15th & 16th Century history and culture of Pangani town.

Street scene in quiet Pangani Tanzania
Street scene in quiet Pangani Tanzania

As we continue to walk, we encounter artisans proudly displaying their rich culture and tradition. Visits to woodcarvers, basket weavers, carpet makers, and painters will attest. The walk can also be combined with a visit to fossilized remains of a dinosaur north of town. If you still feel strong after this 2-hour tour you can continue along the river road to the coconut processing area where a large of workers dehusk and haul giant bags of coconuts which are transported by road to Dar es Salaam and other Inland Market Centers. Coconut farming is a major income activity in the Pangani area, where half of Tanzania’s coconut is produced.

The historic tour to Pangani is organized in collaboration with Pangani Coast Cultural Tourism Programme. Please contact Mike’s Beach Cottage Reception to organize any of our activities in Ushongo, Pangani for you.