The Pangani River originates at the feet of Mount Kilimanjaro and meanders the landscape, fringed with mangroves and coconut plantations to Pangani Town. The cruise takes about 3 hours and begins at the mouth of the river Pangani where fishermen reel in their day’s catch, then heads up the river along with a stunning scenery of never-ending coconut plantations & mangroves. The mangroves are rich in birdlife and you can see Pied Kingfisher hiding in the branches of trees, Colobus monkeys looking for a shady area, and with a bit of luck some crocodile or even hippos might come up to the surface.

Pangani River Cruise - Coconut Plantation
Pangani River CoconutPlantation

We will make sure there is some shade on the boat and arrange a cool box of cold drinks for you.

The cruise will conclude with a lovely sunset over the river and sipping freshly picked coconut juice enjoying a romantic sundowner on the River.

The historic tour to Pangani is organized in collaboration with Pangani Coast Cultural Tourism Programme. Please contact Mike’s Beach Cottage Reception to organize any of our activities in Ushongo, Pangani for you.