Different than other beaches at Tanzania’s coast Ushongo Beach does have only moderate tide and the water is always easily accessible, so opportunities for Watersports like Kitesurf, Snorkeling in Ushongo Beach, Pangani, Tanzania and more always great! The nice water temperature of always 25-30 degrees celsius, make Watersports, one of the preferred activities in Ushongo Beach, Pangani. And here you will never need any wetsuit! The most favorite watersports we can offer at Mike’s Beach Cottages are :

  1. Kayaking on Sea or the Mangroves
  2. Snorkeling on the reefs near Ushongo
  3. Diving
  4. Kite and Windsurfing


Looking for a small adventure, then get a sea kayak! Paddle out from the beach and view the coastline from afar. Take snorkel equipment and discover the reefs close to shore or row in one of the small mangrove rivers for some bird watching. Most of our kayaks are “Sit-on-top” style, easy to start the trip and never sink. We have Kayaks to hire by the hour or half-day. If you would like to head out to the mangroves, there is a small river north of the village. To make this easier accessible, we can take you there with our Mashua. Less tiring and great fun to be towed by this traditional wooden boat with an outboard motor.


The coast in this region is host to a rich and exciting and healthy coral reef system that stretches from Saadani up to Tanga. Snorkeling is the opportunity to observe the fascinating underwater world without complicated equipment and training. Especially the reef surrounding Maziwe Island has a beautiful underwater scenery with hard & soft corals and an interesting marine life. We have masks, fins, and snorkels for renting. Start the snorkel adventure in shallow water. Depending on your experience level and the conditions of the ocean you can also have a life vest.


The Tanzanian coastline is an unexplored and still not much-visited area. Diving is one of the most favorite watersports. But Pangani is a new, not well-known dive destination in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. The diversity of dive sites, from gently sloping coral gardens to massive bommies surrounded by beautiful reef fish offers something for everyone. Blue-spotted rays, crocodile fish, leaf fish, and Napoleon fish are regular encounters underwater and not to forget the presence of the many green turtles. The depth ranges from 5-35 meters and diving is possible all year round with visibility of ~15m and an extremely pleasant water temperature of 26-29 C.

Maziwe Island Marine Reserve and the surrounding reefs Fungu Datcha, Fungu Ushongo, Masera, and Kipumbwe Reef are excellent places to dive. There are numerous dive sites and a relaxed and professional attitude to the sport for experienced and novice divers. Dive groups are usually small and instruction can be given in several languages by our Partner Kasa Diver. Bring your PADI Certification or make a one-day introductory course up to the PADI Open Water Certification. Even Kids from age 8 can get a first experience underwater.

Kite and Windsurfing

Beginners and professionals of Kite- and Windsurfing can all enjoy the warm waters and fresh sea breeze of the ocean. The shallow and sheltered areas of the coast are perfect for those who want to get started. More experienced surfers will find more thrill at the reef break on the outside for wave riding and jumping. The winds are usually good in the afternoon; always watch for the tide level especially surfing along the shallow reefs. However, all this is no problem when you arrange training and equipment (different sized boards and sails / Kites) with our partner Coconuts Kite. They know the waters in Ushongo in & out and soon you will be doing your first jump like Emanuel.

Please contact Mike’s Beach Cottage Reception to organize any of our activities in Ushongo, Pangani for you.