Deep sea fishing with Mike is our prime activity. Along the mainland coast, Pangani is one of the most popular areas for deep-sea fishing and the best fishing experience is fishing with Mike, going for Big Game Fishing in Tanzania, Tiger Fishing and what not! Hire our boat and join Mike to catch your own fish.

Mike knows the best fishing spots in the Zanzibar Street. I love Magic Corner.

Alain Schäfer

Who cares if you are an amateur or a well-experienced angler, the thrill and excitement of getting a bite and the struggle to land a fish that is determined to escape is truly unforgettable. As you will learn on your aquatic tour of Tanzania, the maritime authorities have taken special measures to ensure sustainable fishing, and there are firm regulations in place to ensure the protection marine ecology on game fishing excursions in the country and also for the conservation of the delicate coral reefs and their many denizens. Our boat, the Sea Wolf, takes you out to the sites where the fish teem and is well-equipped with GPS navigational instruments. We comply with all other IGFA and other international regulations and your skipper Mike on board the boat will direct and assist your efforts at all times.

The Indian Ocean off the East African coast offers fishing at any time of the year; though, if you intend to catch a specific kind of fish, it is best to travel in specific seasons when they are known to be present. Fish like kingfish, dorados, barracudas, giant trevally, ruby snappers, almaco jacks and wahoo are found all the year round. But fish like yellowfin tuna, billfish like blue, stripped and black marlins, sailfish, broadbill, swordfish, shortbill spearfish are only seasonally found from August to March.